Property Management Cyprus

Property Management Cyprus

The Best Quality Renting Agency in the Nicosia, Cyprus.

Renting out your property to a complete stranger can be a stressful experience. An unreliable and problematic tenant is every landlord’s worst nightmare.
Fortunately for you, LivingInCy carefully assesses all potential tenants and, through its advanced rental management packages, undertakes all the stress and responsibility of dealing with them.
In addition to this, to help you get the most out of your property in the current economic climate, we offer a free valuation service to all landlords, providing personalized advice not only on how much rent you can get per month, but also how to make your property more attractive and competitive in the market.
And finally, as nothing represents your property better than quality photos, we also provide professional photography services as part of our package to make sure your listing truly stands out.

Why use LivingInCy to renting out your property?

  • Achieve 95% of asking price

    We achieve 95% of asking price for every property we renting

  • Marketing

    Comprehensive marketing to find a suitable tenant

  • Tenant references

    Obtaining tenant references & identity verification

  • Tenancy Agreement

    Preparation of tenancy agreement

  • Clean & inventory

    Pre-tenancy clean & inventory check-in

  • Terms and conditions

    All fees and terms and conditions are clear and up front

  • Utilities bills transfer

    We make sure all the utilities bills transfer to the new tenants

  • Time frame

    97% of the properties we marking, we manage to renting less than one week

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