About LivingInCy


About LivingInCY

LivingInCy is a full-service real estate agency that represents some of the most exquisite properties in Cyprus, as well as the UK, including apartments, houses, land and commercial space.
Founded in 2006, LivingInCy has evolved into one of the most prominent players in the local real estate market, offering a complete suite of services – from sales and basic property rentals to more advanced rental management solutions.
Whether you are looking to rent out, sell, buy or lease, we can expertly advise and guide you from the beginning to the end of your journey, tailoring your real estate experience according to your needs in order to meet and exceed your expectations and help you get the maximum value for your money.

Why Choose LivingInCy?

Through its extensive network of contacts and relations, LivingInCy has the Intel on the latest opportunities in the market. We can provide you information on the latest market trends and investment opportunities, but also provide complimentary legal advice and support throughout the buying process. There are many reasons why you should rely on LivingInCy to help you find the house of your dreams. We’ve listed the top ones here, and if you’d like to add some more to our list, go ahead and email us!

  • Experience

    Take advantage of our extensive real estate experience in Cyprus and benefit from our insider knowledge and fresh leads

  • Comprehensive Service

    Make use of our wide range of real estate services, tailored according to each client’s needs

  • Expert Marketing

    Utilize our marketing prowess and strong online visibility to ensure your property is seen by the right market and right audiences.

  • Professional Photography

    Let us make sure that your property truly stands out through stunning imagery

  • Guaranteed Exposure

    LivinginCy.com Receives 10,972+  average page views per day.

  • Attention to Details

    Get the feeling of each property through our detailed listings

  • Local Knowledge

    Access newest market opportunities in Cyprus and get top advice from our local experienced experts

  • Reliability

    Our clients always come first, without exception

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